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–  Located at the south end of the lake is a covered picnic shelter for our membership.  Eight picnic tables, a grill, and an awesome view of Clear Creek Lake is available year round.  To reserve the site, a member will register the desired date of the event and all necessary information in the reservation book located at the caretaker’s house.  Dates fill up quickly in the spring and summer.  This is free of charge to our members.

Current Reservations



16th – Graduation Party – Jerry Shelton

21st – Annual Meeting – Lake Association



5th – (2:00PM – 5:00PM) – Friends Picnic – Tony Swinford



9th – Crabtree Reunion – Dale Blessing

16th – Dillingham/Dicapo Wedding – Dale Blessing



13th – Grandmother’s Birthday – Brooke Allred



28th – Austin’s Birthday – Kelli Smith