Lake Committees


Each committee below shall consist of at least one board member and several non-board members. Chairperson shall be designated by the committee. All committees report to the board of directors. Names listed are confirmed to each committee.


The Lake Committee is responsible for;

(1) the care and maintenance of the dam and spillway
(2) removal of hazardous obstacles (limbs, branches and fence posts from the lake)
(3) the ordering and stocking of fish for the lake
(4) working with TWRA for periodic reviews of lake fish
(5) reduction of the turtle population
(6) working with trappers to keep otter and muskrat population under control

(Caretaker House & Shelter)

The Existing Lake Structure Committee is responsible for;

(1) care and maintenance of the caretaker’s cabin
(2) care and maintenance of lake shelter


The Dredging Committee is responsible for;

(1) monitoring lake level of mud
(2) working with State Water Quality office in Columbia, TN for dredging permit
(3) hiring dredging contractor


The Grounds and Maintenance Committee is responsible for;

(1) care and maintenance of lake property (mowing lake property to include below dam) (2) interviewing and hiring a caretaker for the lake
(3) caretaker and his duties as defined by the caretaker’s job description (4) caretaker’s yearly performance review and monitoring vacation time
(5) care and maintenance lake owned equipment


The Social committee is responsible for;

(1) sending sympathy cards
(2) coordinating seasonal events
(3) other projects as needed


The rules committee is responsible for;

(1) monitoring the Rules and Regulation handbook
(2) presenting proposed changes and recommendations to board of directors


The compliance committee is responsible for;

(1) reviewing plans for construction of new homes/buildings on lake property
(2) review plans for major renovation of homes to include adding rooms, second stories to homes on lake property
(3) review plans for boat docks/piers
(4) work with property owner to help ensure state and local regulations and guidelines concerning septic tanks and field lines before constructing or replacing new septic system
(5) approving plans before staking out the house
(6) monitoring property owners yard(s) in accordance with paragraph 14 of Clear Creek Lake Rules and Regulations

Before constructing or replacing a septic system, owner consult state and local regulations and guidelines for the tanks and field lines. Owner must meet those regulations. Temporary environmental barrier must be in place between construction and the lake prior to construction start

Property owners may erect outside buildings for storage and work areas, but commercial use is prohibited.